Floor Care Technician - IICRC Basic Skills Course (AFC)
Commercial and Residential
4 hour program (Expandable to 6 or 8 hours)
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This is a technical hands on how to workshop, not a sales presentation
Come prepared and dressed to participate and learn by doing.

Topical Outline

Welcome and Indroduction
  • Fiber, Style, & Construction ID & How These Impacts Cleaning & Spotting
  • Cleaning, maintenance and restoration
Hard Floor Surface Identification
  • Basic categories and how each type impacts services
Hands on identification Exercise


Basic Cleaning Procedures
  • Dry soil removal Dust mop, vacuum, sweep
  • Wet soil removal Wet, damp, spot and flood mopping
  • Polishing, Spray buffing & Burnishing
  • Scrubbing and Stripping
  • Advanced Restoration Procedures Systems
  • Coating and Refinishing
Hands on Procedures Practice and Equipment Use

Developing an effective comprehensive floor care program for your facility

Questions, Answers and Discussion

Basic Skills Exam (75% or better to Pass)
$25.00 exam fee paid to IICRC per student.

Certificates, Congratulations and Collect Evaluation

Lunch (Optional)


Click for Seminar Locations, Dates and to Register

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